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Save 68%
Messe Kreisel 3 , Köln
600,00 EUR192,00 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 68%
Tarlabasi Bulvari 36-38 , Istanbul
604,00 EUR193,23 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 78%
Boulevard Adolph Max 98 , Brussels
682,00 EUR150,00 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 51%
Stralauer Allee 3 , Berlin
489,00 EUR239,40 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 72%
48-54 Zlota Street , Warsaw
565,00 EUR158,20 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 50%
Via dei Serpenti 109 , Roma
476,00 EUR238,00 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 63%
100 Bayswater Road , Sydney
592,00 EUR219,22 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 75%
Paseo De La Castellana 191 , Madrid
907,00 EUR226,80 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 59%
3255 Las Vegas Blvd South , Las Vegas
1 261,00 EUR517,10 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10
Save 54%
1535 Broadway , New York
1 363,00 EUR627,15 EUR
valid e.g. 15-5-8 - 15-5-10

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Top destinations worldwide

Europe is a continent which covers an area of over ten million square kilometers and about fifty countries. Geographically, Europe is one part of the supercontinent Eurasia, the other part is Asia. Europe provides an almost infinite number of interesting destinations, which are always good for great deals to all kind of travellers.

Whether it is about culture, art, shopping or simply getting rest, in Europe, the most diverse holiday dreams come true. How about, for example, with trips to the Spanish capital Madrid, the historic Moscow, the fashion capital Paris, financial capital London or the characteristic of the multifaceted Rome? Wherever your holiday and hotel search takes you, get on impressive buildings, insightful museums, a lively nightlife and delicious food from the various cultures in focus!

Even far away from bustling cities Europe has diverse travel opportunities in store and thrilled with untamed, rough nature, beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges and stunning forests. Europe presents thousands of years old cultural treasures, which was particularly influenced by Christianity, Arabian and the Roman and Greek culture. Modern and ancient times go hand in hand to give a homogeneous unit that emits a tremendous charm, which is still unbroken.

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